If you have an external monitor, you can also select it in the drop-down menu at the top and choose the refresh rate from there to make the most out of your setup. Just be aware that there are battery life repercussions if you are doing this on your laptop when it isn’t plugged in. Those are some useful basic Windows gestures, but it’s time to step it up and notch to advanced levels. You can easily take a screenshot on your macOS laptop by invoking Command+Shift+5. This option gives you the freedom to manage your screenshots.

What was so powerful was the shift in the PC we saw and felt – from something practical and functional to something personal and emotional. This is what inspired us as we were building the next generation of Windows. To build you a place that feels familiar, where you can create, learn, play and most importantly, connect in all new ways. Windows has always existed to be a stage for the world’s innovation. It’s been the backbone of global businesses and where scrappy startups became household names.

Why does Windows 11 require TPM?

Most of the Screencast-O-Matic features are not available on their free plan version. Screencast-O-Matic software allows you to upload videos directly to YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms. If you’re an instructor and your students prefer to read along with the video presentation, you can use the speech-to-text tool. I have to record my desktop screen for at most 30 minutes using command line parameters.

  • This windows screen recorder tool has numerous modes for capturing videos.
  • It’s an automated script that downloads Windows 11 from the official Microsoft servers and installs it by skipping all compatibility checks.
  • If you click on the Start button and type in Snip and Sketch, you’ll see the above screen.
  • Always backup of your device and files before making any changes.

With the Update Assistant, all you need to do is click on the Download Now button, accept terms, and then click on a few “Next” prompts to upgrade to install Windows 11. (At this point we only have the following two screenshots for the Update Assistant as the download process seems to be stuck. But the process is fairly straightforward). But, if you are a Windows enthusiast and can’t wait to install Windows 11, you can manually install and upgrade your machine to the brand new Windows 11. Just to reiterate, we would still recommend our readers to wait at least few weeks before they install the latest version on their daily drivers. When downloaded, Microsoft will notify you to pick the right time to finish the installation and reboot your device. It is great if you upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11successfully.

Step 2: Install and Run OBS screen recorder tool

You’ll know the Bluetooth setting is off when the button is gray. If it’s on, it might read “not connected” if you’re not already connected to a Bluetooth device, or it will link tell you that another device is currently attached and connected. The easiest way to turn on Bluetooth and connect a device in Windows 10 is from the Action Center.

If you want a more stable experience, stick with the release version of Windows 11. For example, Android apps are finally coming to the Microsoft Store in Windows 11, but that feature looks like it won’t be arriving properly until 2022. However, people on Windows 11 Insider builds will get this feature early to test it out.

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